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***UNDER STRICT EMBARGO ñ NO WEB USE BEFORE 15:00 OCTOBER 07 2015 BST/GMT*** Collect of Avaya Hugo in July 2015 the youngster has 60,000 followers on Instagram. See SWNS story SWSNAP; Britainís youngest fashion icon gets a new outfit for free every day because sheís got 60,000 followers on Instagram ñ aged 18 MONTHS. Little Avaya Hugo is a massive web star despite not being able to talk ñ thanks to canny mum Carly Aston. Carly, 22, has managed to rake in £10,000 worth of freebies for her bouncing baby girl after uploading scores of pictures to the mega-popular image website ñ and now hopes her six-week-old daughter Aliza can do the same. The full-time mum, who lives with partner Daniel Hugo, 22, in Gorton, Manchester, regularly gets 3,500 likes on each snap of her little babies ñ and every day receives new dresses in the post.