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piektdien, marts 24, 2023

love u…


love your figure, face, the way you speak, the way you sleep, love when you are at my house and i have you to come home to, love that you look so great but dont have an ego about it, love that you get my sense of humour, put up with my arrogance, faults, love how excited you get about shoes, clothes, that you know what im thinking and i dont have to say it (not all the time) love sleeping with you (just sleeping no sex) , love the sex. love calling you pickle, love that my family love you, my dad, mum, brother, grandad all in what little time they have spent with you see how much you mean to me and how great a person you are. Love your photos you take which arent planned, love your cooking, especially the breakfasts – , love holding your hands, love being in public with you, love being in private with you, love watching films with you on a tuesday night, love doing it on a saturday night. Love that you too hate the cinema, or the sore arse you have after 40 mins and so we dont have to go now, love that you eat meat now, didnt mind that you didnt before. Love that you are so creative, makes me more creative also, in the things i do at work, you ve made me think differently. Love your legs when you put them over me at night, saves me having to put my hands down there, love you feet very cute and they turn me on, love your neck especially when you have your hair up and i can kiss it from behind. I love that i love all these things, and that theres going to be soooo many more of them with us… I LOVE YOU



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