Kaut kas ideālas figūras iegūšanas procesā ir nogājis greizi, jo daudzas sievietes pārāk izteikti ieciklējas uz skaitli, ko uzrāda svari. Sen jau bija laiks saprast, ka svars ir tikai skaitlis! Lai saprastu, vai ķermenis ir tieši tāds, kādu vēlējies, tev ir katru dienu jāskatās spogulī. Ja viss apmierina, tad svaram vairs nav nekādas nozīmes. Lūk, deviņas sievietes, kas to pierāda:

*For all the people that don't read the post…YES TWO POUNDS. Body recomposition. Lost fat gained muscle! NEGATIVE COMMENTS ARE DELETED AND BLOCKED*. People have been messaging me telling me they've seen this pic all over ?like on Facebook pages and groups, twitter, other accounts here ect. I don't mind people sharing it!! But I DID NOT use anyone's products to do this…in fact I didn't even diet to do this ? this was all hard work in the gym lifting heavy weights and intermittent fasting. And for anyone just seeing this for the first time YESSS really 2 lbs, the scale doesn't measure fat vs muscle! Keep going girls ???? . . . . . . . . #weightlossjourney #momsthatlift #powerlifting #eattoperform #iifym #allthefood #bodybuilding #strongmom #flexibledieting #squats #fitnessjourney #strongwoman #girlswithmuscle #girlswhopowerlift #dietingsucks #fitbit #fitfam #bodypositivity #powerliftingbuiltthisbody #deadlifts #liftheavythings #intuitiveeating #bodybuildinglife #gymislife #progressnotperfection #beforeandafterweightloss #powerlifter #beyondthescale #nsv #heavylifting

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Attēlā pa labi sieviete ir pat 3 kg smagāka nekā kreisajā!

Don't be fooled or ruled by the number on the scale!!! I'm actually 3kg heavier in the right picture compared to the left… The first pic was taken after completing the #90daysssplan it kick started my fitness journey and I will always be thankful for that…but by the end I was getting bored of the rigidity of it… Fast forward to now I am eating more than ever, stronger than ever (can now do 26 full push ups ??) and enjoying training 3 times a week at @thebodytransformers_ in the most fun and supportive environment ❤ I'm not where I want to be, but I'm getting there… it's important to acknowledge progress when things feel tough! #transformationtuesday #strength #progressnotperfection #gains #strongnotskinny #training #motivation #gettingthere #growth #change #strengthfeed #determined #progresspic #fitness

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Nepilna pusotra kilograma starpība!

Welllll this is hard to post ? The end of last year I let the stress of our busy lives and home renovation get to me, and I was majorly failing with my nutrition and workouts. I put myself on the back burner and somehow couldn't find my way back. And I have been down this road before and vowed to never go back. Yes, coaches are human too! I struggle just like the rest of you. I knew I needed to revamp my nutrition and get back to my daily workouts, that is when I feel my best! ?? So I dove right back into using my portion containers and following my clean eating meal guide like a boss. And I picked up right where I left off with the strength training program I was doing. And little by little o found my way back to the happy and healthy Katie I want to be. And isn't it crazy that there is only a 3 lb difference between these two pics? ? BUSY is a choice STRESS is a choice But so is HAPPY & HEALTHY ? Choose wisely!

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SCREW THE SCALE || I figured it was time for a friendly, yet firm reminder.? YOU GUYS. PLEASEEEEEE STOP GETTING HUNG UP ON THE NUMBER ON THE STUPUD SCALE! PLEASE STOP THINKING YOUR WEIGHT EQUALS YOUR PROGRESS AND FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING PLEASE STOP LETTING YOR WEIGHT HAVE ANY AFFECT WHATSOEVER ON YOUR SELF ESTEEM, like I used to. To any of you who are where I once was, please listen to me. I am 5' 7" and weigh 140 lbs. When I first started #bbg I was 8 weeks post partum and 145 lbs. I weighed 130 before getting pregnant, so based on nothing besides my own warped perception, I decided my "goal weight" should be 122 and to fit into my skinniest jeans. Well after a few months of BBG and breastfeeding, I HIT IT and I fit into those size 0 jeans. Well guess what? I HAVE GAINED 18 POUNDS SINCE THEN. EIGHT FREAKING TEEN. Also, I have gone up two pant sizes and as a matter of fact I ripped those skinny jeans wide open just the other week trying to pull them up over my knees.? My point?? According to my old self and flawed standards, I would be failing miserably. THANK GOODNESS I finally learned to start measuring my progress by things that matter — strength, ability, endurance, health, and HAPPINESS. Take progress photos and videos. Record how many push-ups you can do, ect. And if you can, your BFP — there is only a 5 lb difference between my starting and current weight, but my body composition has changed COMPLETELY. I have never had more muscle and less body fat than I do now. I have never been healthier than I am now. I have never been more comfortable in my own skin than I am now. And if I didn't say #screwthescale long ago, I would have gave up on my journey. So to the little teeny tiny voice in the back of my head that still said "?wtf is this- not 140!???" last week when I stepped on the scale, I say SCREW. YOU. And I think you should probably say the same to your scale too. #byefelicia ???⚖ . . #bbgprogress #transformationtuesday #fit #fitness #workout #fitmom #fitchick #fitfam #fitnesstransformation #beforeandafter #sweat #mysweatlife #girlswithmuscle #girlgains #strongnotskinny

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Nekādas atšķirības svarā, bet manāma atšķirība muskuļos!

#TransformationTuesday No difference in weight but a big difference in body composition! On the left (current) I have more muscle mass with less body fat, whereas on the right (10 months ago) I'm holding more body fat and less muscle mass. – It took about a year consisting of 2 bulking & 2 cutting phases to make this change in body composition. All to say change?takes?time?! I also want to point out that the reason I have bulking and cutting seasons is because gaining muscle INEVITABILITY comes along with gaining some fat (that's just the nature of the beast). So in order to keep building muscle but stay lean I work in cycles: Gain muscle and fat ➡ then lose fat while trying to maintain that hard earned muscle ➡ and repeat ??♻?? – ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #Transformation #FitnessJourney #BodyBuilding #EatToGrow #StrongNotSkinny #GirlsWhoLift #GirlsWithMuscle #FitFam #Fitness #FuelYourBody #Fitspo #FitChick #FitGirl #IIFYM #IIFYMGirls #FitnessMotivation #Motivation #Goals #Progress #Muscle #Gains #BodyTransformation #Physique #BodyBuilder #WeightLifting #Bulking #GetLean #Gainz #FitnessGoals

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I've said this before, I don't use a weighing scale to measure my progress, but it does make for an interesting comparison. I weighed myself this morning out of curiosity and guess what? I GAINED 1kg since I last checked during my regular check up, which means there's only a 1kg difference between the two pictures: the left is the day I started #BBG and the right is today after 71 weeks of @kayla_itsines kicking my butt and eating better. But in terms of strength, mental and emotional wellbeing, happiness and body composition, there's a massive difference between the two. This goes to show, once again, that the number on the scale is not a real measure of the progress we've made in our journeys. Happy #transformationtuesday ??

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Don't give up. One day you'll Iook back and be glad you didn't ?#transformationtuesday .

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